2016-17 Mini Grant Recipients List

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Technology and Reading • $350.00
Teacher: Jennica Haddox, OMS

This grant will be used to provide a document camera, Chrome Book laptop and books for all students present and future.

Scholastic News • $350.00
Teacher: Sherry Walker, OMS

This project is for all 4th grade students to have a subscription to Scholastic News and Science Spin which includes current events with news from around the world.

AR Store • $1400.00
Teachers: T. Dean, D. Stevens, K. Robertson, and A. Wallace,OMS

Provides incentives to motivate students to read. Rewards will be given daily, quarterly and at the end of the year is the biggest reward, the AR Store.

AR Books for Classroom Libraries • $1400.00
Teachers: C. Underwood, P. Stark, M. Scharrer and Z. Magness, OMS

Grant will be used to purchase books and books with CD’s for class room use. This allows students to read and test in the classroom.

Improving Math Skills with Assistive Technology • $350.00
Teacher: M. Klutts, OHS
Purchasing a Chrome Notebook Computer and protective case will be used to teach, reinforce, test and keep record of students performing math skills.

Simplified Novels • 350.00
Teacher: K. Brewer, OHS

Grant will be used to purchase high school content books, written at a lower level. This enables Special Ed students to read the same novels as regular education students increasing their knowledge base, vocabulary and comprehension.

Chrome Notebook Computers • $1400.00
Teachers: K. Brewer, B. Bunyard, D. Duncan and J. Bray, OHS

7 Chrome Notebook Computers will be purchased for use in special education classroom for many subjects, including English, U.S. History, OK History, Science and Reading. Both regular and special education students will make use of the computers. These will be added to computers purchased in the past.

Science Lab Projects • $350.00
Teacher: S. Callahan, OHS

This grant will provide several items to complete labs at the high school level. Money will be used to purchase preserved slides of muscle, bone and nerve tissue etc. Some kits may be used for years to come.

Don’t Just Take a Photograph • $350.00
Teacher: V. McMahan OHS

Students will learn controls of a digital camera and how to create a correct exposure. They will learn to print and process in a dark room for public exhibition.

Don’t Just Take a Photograph II • 350.00
Teacher: V. McMahan, OHS

Students will develop prints in an actual darkroom using two historic processes. They will also learn to mat their photographs for public exhibition.

Technology in the Classroom • $319.99
Teacher: T. Orr, Oakes

One Lenovo Chromebook and a Starfall Classroom Membership will be purchased for classroom use. Starfall is an exceptional educational website that provides learning activities in all subject areas. Students will use for reading intervention, AR testing and early star testing among other things.

Accelerated Reader Books and Incentives • $350.00
Teacher: D. Gordon, Oakes

A variety of AR books will be purchased for use in classroom, as well as, incentives to further motivate students to read.

iPad in Education • $350.00
Teacher: M. Gay, Oakes

One iPad and case will be purchased for classroom use. This technology provides hands on learning in a broad curriculum.

Reading Enrichment • $350.00
Teacher: C. Wilson, Oakes

Grant will be used to purchase AR Books. Fluency and comprehension is the goal.

Successful Learning through Technology • $1398.55
Teachers: P. Hinkle, G. Brandt, C. McDaniel and T. Orr, Oakes

This proposal includes 6 Chromebook Computers and reading incentive charms for students’ recognition of reading success and all academic subjects.

Chromebooks in the Classroom • $345.19
Teacher: V. Nichols, OMS

Grant would provide two HP Chromebooks to be used in the classroom. This project will benefit the 7th and 8th grade Reading classroom.

Scholastic Classroom Magazines • $1033.82
Teachers: V. Nichols, B. Baker and F. Yazel

Scholastic Scope and Action are magazines designed to improve reading and writing skills with fun activities and articles.

Pottery • $350.00
Teacher: W. Seymour, OHS

Students will create slab and coil pots with clay and glaze the pottery.

Chromebook AR Project • $350.00
Teacher: D. Thomas

Grant will be used to purchase a Chromebook for student use and AR books.

Frog Guts • $350.00
Teacher: G. Hatfield, OMS

Frogs will be purchased for students to dissect, showing the similarities between the frog anatomy and the human anatomy.

iLearn by iPads • $350.00
Teacher: J. Brandt, Oakes

Two Apple iPads and one case will be purchased for hands on learning in a variety of areas.

Unstoppable Success for Students • $350.00
Teacher: P. Hinkle, Oakes

Grant will purchase one Apple iPad Mini and case. The remaining funds will be used to purchase AR books. This will provide academic growth through technology and additional reading resources.

Inspiring the Love of Reading • $350.00
Teacher: J. Crawford, Oakes

AR Books & Incentives will be purchased to encourage students to read.

AR Reading Project • $350.00
Teacher: K. Wilson, Oakes

Grant will be used to purchase a chromebook, as well as reading incentives.

Krossover State Program • $320.00
Teacher: K. Simon, OHS

This program allows coaches to exchange game film and breaks down game film to level that benefits every player.

Chillin’ Chinchilla • $700.00
Teachers: G. Hatfield and D. Thomas, OMS

Grant will be used to purchase Chinchillas and supplies for classroom. Students will become familiar with animal behavior and learn to understand and care for the animals.

Keep Calm and Chromebook On • $1050.00
Teachers: S. Walker, J. Haddox and J. Carter, OMS

Funds will be used to purchase 5 ChromeBooks. 65 students will benefit educationally from the use of these items.

Building Strong Readers • $350.00
Teacher: K. Banks, Oakes

To encourage reading, AR books and incentives will be purchased for the classroom.

Honoring our Veterans • $525.30
Teacher: J. Strickland, Oakes

This grant will be used to purchase materials and costumes for each of the five branches of the armed forces and will be used year after year during our Veteran’s Day program.

Math Enrichment and Instruction • $268.91
Teacher: A. Richmond, OMS

This proposal is for Math enrichment and instruction curriculum and games to show students that learning is fun, as well as, an HP Chromebook for use with the AR program.

Chrome Notebook Computers • $1050.00
Teachers: P. Collier, S. Callahan and J. McVeigh, OHS

Funds will be used to purchase 5 ChromeNotebook Computers for the Multi Handicap classroom. This will help to motivate, encourage and educate students.

Technology Tools for 4th Grade • $199.00
Teacher: J. Carter

A Chromebook will be purchased to add to classroom set. This is a resource that can be used in a variety of ways.

Technology and Beyond • $350.00
C. McDaniel, Oakes

grant will be used to purchase one Apple iPad Mini and case which will be used to magnify the academic skills taught through technology. AR books will purchased with any remaining funds.

Smile for the Camera • $299.99
Teacher: B. Baker, OMS

Journalism class will use grant money to purchase a camera, bag, stands, rechargeable batteries, SD card and flash drive to use for media resources.

TOTAL FUNDED: $18,360.75

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