Okemah Public School Foundation Minigrant Recipients 2017-2018

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This year the Okemah Public School Foundation awarded 33 minigrants totaling nearly $20,000 to the students and teachers in the Okemah Public School system. See which programs will be in action in our schools this year!

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1. High Interest Reading that Addresses Teens’ Social Issues
This project will address reading comprehension, literary and character analysis, and test-taking objectives while teaching lessons in dealing with peer pressure, decision making, coping with
loss, and so much more.
- M. LeGrand, S. Tucker, T. McMahan, OHS $805.40

2. Simplified Novels 2017-2018
High interest books for Special Education students encourages students to read age appropriate, classic novels at a lower reading level. This allows them to read and discuss the same novels that are being taught in the regular education classes.
- K. Brewer, OHS $350.00

3. The All School Play’s Funding
This grant will further art education for all students, both the actors themselves, and the audience members. It will be used for play scripts, royalty fees, and possibly costumes and props.
- T. McMahan, OHS $300.00

4. Computers for Science Lab
Grant will purchase one tower computer to provide high quality educational and multiple laboratory opportunities to see science applied by professionals.
- J. McVeigh, OHS $250.00

5. Learn through Modeling
A reusable set of protein synthesis tools, will be used to help students better understand protein synthesis from DNA When students can interact, there’s a better understanding of the topic.
- S. Callahan, OHS $300.00

6. Stained Glass: A Window to a World of Color
Students will learn a skill that dates back to the 7th century by creating a stained glass Christmas tree ornament for the community Christmas tree.
- M. Klutts, OHS $350.00

7. Computers for Science Lab
3 tower computers will be purchased for use in Science classrooms, providing appropriate and current technology.
- J. McVeigh and S. Callahan, OHS $700.00

8. Weaving a Pattern in Life
Students will learn one of humankind’s oldest art forms. Each student will create his/her own basket, both decorative as well as useful.
- V. McMahan, OHS $350.00

9. Special Ed Technology
7 Chrome Notebooks will allow students to enhance their math, reading, and computer research skills. It will also assist students in making more appropriate post high school goal choices.
- M. Klutts, R. Hatfield, K. Robertson, M. Cox, OHS $1400.00

10. FFA – Advertisement/Recognition Equipment
This grant will be used to purchase a document camera and a Chrome Notebook to be used for all students in FFA. This will measure progress and teach computer skills, as well as for advertisement and recognition.
- JW Teel, OHS $313.00

11. History Hi-Lo Leveled Books
High school content history books and graphic biographies that are written on a lower reading level will allow special education students acquire content knowledge, vocabulary, and learning strategies as they read about topics they might otherwise avoid.
- K. Brewer and D. Duncan, OHS $700.00

12. Frog Guts II and Worms
Students study anatomy by dissecting frogs and worms. Provides a good overview of the organ systems of complex living things.
- Gayla Hatfield, OMS $347.18

13. Writing and Social Studies Center
Various materials will be used for daily writing centers and weekly Social Studies centers with
full class participation. This will introduce all students to the writing process, and introduce them to Social Studies vocabulary and maps.
- S. Stone, OMS $350.00

14. Digital Mathematics
Chromebooks will enhance the content of skill building activities and will be available for use
with the interactive whiteboard. This will provide students with a fun, interactive way to work
on the mastery of state requirements.
- V. Nichols, OMS $296.00

15. iPads = Success
Special Education students will use iPads in class to complete daily tasks and will be used to help with fluency, reading comprehension, spelling, math fluency, and delivery of audio texts to help every student reach maximum potential.
- C. Underwood, D. Stevens, Z. Magness, and P. Stark, OMS $1316.62

16. Response To Intervention
RIT is a program that targets students’ specific weaknesses and then provides extra practice, in order to turn the lowest learners into the highest learners.
- J. Haddox, OMS $350.00

17. Bound to Stay Bound
This grant will allow the purchase of complete sets of “Captain Underpants” and “The Dork Diaries” series books in a library bound and guaranteed edition.
- T. Dean, OMS $337.42

18. Science Fun for Everyone
Grant will be used to purchase an Incubator Kit, Butterfly Garden, and Rock Tumbler to observe life cycles of chicks and butterflies and rocks in nature.
– S. Walker, OMS $350.00

19. Read to Succeed
The objective of this grant is to encourage students to read and to keep reading. Students earn points by reading and taking AR tests throughout the year. They can then spend those points as “money” at the end of the school year to purchase prizes. Prizes will include laptops, tablets, books, electronics, t-shirts, etc.
– AR Store, T. Dean, B. Baker, M. Walker, D. Thomas, OMS $1400.00

20. The Wonder Project
Grant will be used to purchase classroom sets of the book “Wonder”. The theme is bullying and Egypt. This project will encourage reading and sine a light on bullying. The books will help students meet their AR goals as well.
– D. Thomas, OMS $350.00

21. ELA enrichment
Chromebook will be purchased for use by students to take AR tests and for research to do
writing projects. The resource books purchased will be used to enhance our curriculum.
– A. Richmond, OMS $277.17

22. Current Events in the Classroom
Grant will be used to purchase HD document cameras, Fluorescent light filters, Scholastic News and Storyworks. Cameras will be used to put assignments up on the SmartBoard to assist with instruction. The light filters cut the glare from classroom lights to help students focus. The Scholastic News, Geography Spin, Science Spin, and Storyworks will pull current events into curriculum.
– A. Richmond, A. Wallace, D. Duke, OMS $1045.31

23. Learning through Technology
An iPad will enrich learning in Pre-K class by giving students another source to learn from that is fun and engaging. The many apps will reinforce learning concepts taught in class.
– S. Holdridge, Oakes $350.00

24. I Can Learn with iPads
The purchase of iPads will enhance educational opportunities for all students in all educational areas, as well as, enhance fine motor skills and in a way that may never be provided at home.
– J. Brandt, Oakes $350.00

25. Accelerated Reader Books
Books will be used to provide extra reading, to improve and enhance reading skills and to develop the love of books and reading. Grant would also provide incentives to motivate students to read.
– D. Gordon, Oakes $350.00

26. Advance with AR
This proposal includes Accelerated Reader books for students to use in the classroom and reading incentives to inspire students to reach and surpass reading goal.
– P. Hinkle, Oakes $350.00

27. Soaring High with Technology
Grant will be used to purchase 1 Chromebook, set of headphones, and reading incentive charms. This will provide academic growth through technology and the charms are for recognition of reading success.
– C. McDaniel, Oakes $349.38

28. Prevention of Retention
Chromebooks and incentives will be used to enrich learning experiences in the classroom and allow students to be successful at all levels of learning.
– C. McDaniel, G. Brandt, S. McGregor, T. Orr, Oakes $1400.00

29. Tech Tools for Education
Laptops and headphones will be used by students and teachers to advocate the invaluable process of learning all subjects across the curriculum. These materials will be used by teachers and students with smartboard activities, instruction and interactive learning with updated programs and activities.
– J. Crawford, D. Gordon, K. Wilson, P. Hinkle, Oakes $1400.00

30. Enhancing Classroom Curriculum with Creative Resources
Multiple resources used to engage students and ensure understanding and mastery of materials. Many of the items can be duplicated and enlarged on the Smartboard for all students to see or can be printed, laminated and stored for regular use.
– C. Underwood, Oakes$339.22

31. Reading for Treasurers
All funding will go to purchase rewards used to motivate students and to make reading fun. This will help students with setting goals, mastering comprehension, word recognition, vocabulary, fluency, confidence and self-pride.
– P. Sayre, Oakes $350.00

32. Technology in the Classroom
Eight Amazon Fire Tablets for use in classroom. These will be used for reading intervention, math concepts and review. Fluency and comprehension is the goal.
– C. Wilson, Oakes $350.00

29. Reading and Succeeding
Accelerated Reading books will be purchased along with incentives to encourage students to read.
– J. Crawford, Oakes $350.00

TOTAL AWARDED: $18,176.70

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